Cray (soul-o’man)


Weakness is not my thing, it’s everyone’s
When i set foot on this pedestal
That voice requested confirmation
I offered it in 100 folds on a golden plate
Check my heartbeat,
I wish i knew what that meant.
It’s almost impossible for you to believe
A leaf on a bee is something i seldom see
But with quarantined retinas i observed the globe
And amongst all stars was one with the name of a religion.
I don’t know why i just said that
But that is supposed to be rhetorical
Who’s listening?.

When i say who cares,
I actually meant we do but from the back
Such that it ceases to exist.
At some point in this pace of a race
I almost hit the exit.
This mind would scare anyone who manages to gain a moment’s access.
I can’t refuse what i cant diffuse
Does that make you confused?
Again who’s answering?

Swearings, i observe a lot
Especially when i don’t want to
Staring at a fork with 4 claws and 3 spaces,
made the temple in my heart break into a run
Only it stumbled, got humbled by an Angel i think
Well that was the freshly dug well for all grumbles
Which occured before or after?

The bush on my head,
I heared gives some people laughter
Don’t wander about the some cause the sum of all sapiens is a total of vanity.
Believe me not cause i do or it’s what i want
Let it be a permanence of nature.
Who graced my emotions with a smile
and my fears with a tear?
The cake on my face, who smeared?
I know i sound crazy
But I’m used to it.


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