My village girl (Soul-o’man)

My village girl.


My little village girl;
To the world she came with looks of a puppy.
My adorable village girl;
To the cheeks of her kins she brought smiles.

My sharp village girl;
Toilessly acknowledging the presence of her beauty.
My punctual village girl;
Timelessly in tune with the trend of her time.

My industrious village girl;
Never relenting in painting herself pretty.
My God fearing village girl;
Not known to have created any crime intentionally.

My vigilant village girl;
Impossibly conversant with the quality& quantity of her enviers.
My sensitive village girl;
In no haste to reveal her vulnerability as to attraction.

My endowed village girl;
Her charming chest& back skillessly edited.
My strategic village girl;
judge of the ripe hour to visit the river.

My oppurtuned village girl;
Intoxicated on the fantasies of 4 wall colleges.
My ambitious village girl;
Welded in and without with wilder wishes.

My numerous village girl;
All in one with none for herself
My charitable village girl;
Songs of paradoxical praises in her honour

My mysterious village girl;
Black yesterday, yellow tomorrow
My paranoid village girl;
Keen on being the next social kamikaze

My enlightened village girl;
Can she ever see the light?
My spontaneous village girl;
Swift to summon her sick defenses.

My vague village girl
Life here is being versatile in vogue.
My indifferent village girl
Why bother ask about her beliefs?

My then village girl
Since she has long switched names with whom?
My village girl
Will she ever stop being a village girl?


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