Parasite (Soul-o’man)



Enough of stealing a stroll absent of a toll
It’s high time to get out of my head
and that’s without a plea
My sanity needs rehabilitation
Still, i won’t mind owning it fully again
It’s very tempting to feel like this everlasting
To be the host of the party of laziness
where time is the maitre’d as well as the slave master
And reality is forlorn in a poisonous gloom
An end has to come to the matress’ feeling of a god
I banish sleep with buckles and belt on.
Enough of my world being without its lord
Enough of attempts to resurrect doubts long executed
It’s high time i got my shit together.


One comment

  1. souloman · February 23, 2014

    A monotonous week inspired this.. Why do I hear a lot of voices in concurrence with the message of the words?

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