TIGER (soul-o’man)


That’s what’s written on my neighbors’ generator

same here but mine is bigger.

Even when the moon is behind the sun,

all that poses a challenge is the taciturn uniformity of the noise

but before that is the priceless digit of the oil.


They say sense leaves a scent even when being guarded by none.

It’s still the same reaction when you hear “let us pray”

Have they ever felt better when you’re not sure it’s the vigilante or the vigil’s anthem?

can you hate these people and still live with their sweat?


Mine has to be bigger maybe not better

but recognition reads no rejection in Residents’ retreat

All there is, is further reason to sell stronger seasonings

Larger reasoning’s with lesser meanings


CNN can’t tell me what to do

If i desire a portion of another Man’s territory?

guess what; i get it

I am like the great Tiger of Russia

thus your opposition has been part of the plan

wait for the contingency.

This might not seem full to you

but how are you sure it was meant to be?


I can’t sleep in the heat

I can’t do without the TV sometimes

I can’t stand the dawning darkness

I can’t just savor my visitors’ perspiration

I can’t afford one, i might just steal it!

I can’t afford to care if it’s named TIGER or SUZUKI

I can’t go against what principle?

I can’t say i don’t know it sucks

i can’t say a change is not required

i can’t exactly say I’m expecting one.




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