Mistakes are teachers (Soul-o’man)


Mistakes are Teachers

A word does not become a sound until its utterance.
I know I’m only human but not human alone.
Even insects in their order,
do collide with one another.
Tell me, is being human a mistake God made?
if there was a vaccine
It couldn’t have been mine wish
for how would i have learnt what i couldn’t study?
experience they say but i say existence is not just a say
The teacher appears immune to the learner
Yet the most reckless avoid the latter on the terrain.
Yes go ahead judge!
Since you weren’t once a kid
At least Mohammad(SAW) was
Same goes with Christ-reign in peace(RIP).
My only excuse is me.

That anger was a fog
I had to understand or be stood under
Some confess to my imperfection
I almost regret cause it’s only too late
Never had the chance to neglect step lessons from my missteps.
somewhere, a heart was beaming with smiles
While the rod remained stern!
Everyone yet no one is a member of the system
Same choir, different verses, unrhymed rhythm.
Life comes without goodbye
And vanishes before saying hi.
One would assume that such knowledge could help its occurrence.

Yes i greatly believed before i later belonged
Years of witnessing kills swallowing pills to the lungs
There was a pit close by
And on the apex i tilted till ages went by
Friends turned enemies and enemies accomplices.
Accompanied to the past of some futures
In the caravan of human robots
No caution paint on the canvass
Not that i cared even for the roadblocks.
Romance with the devil,
Pity it never sucked a seed
A cry void of a plea!

Sometimes i’m expected to be prim
Most times i cant meet up with that need
And it hurts, almost as much as it stings when you know you’re trying.
At times i thirst of breaking walls with my screams!
If that could help, maybe i won’t mind.
You don’t have to be perfect but pious!
Not pompous but prosperous!
Either pervasive or passive!
But most of the roars are staged in my mind
Whose walls am i crumbling?
Someone said laugh at the massive face of your mistakes!
What do i gain from that?
Yet what do i stand to regret?
Doing so could be a conquest.
No one would relish emphasis embedded on mishaps.
In a flicker, you might have your mind feeling like a god again.
What a waste of pain, right?
Giant guts, no glory.


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