Senate existence

Senate Existence

To believe God is tantamount to believing in yourself.
To trust Supreme’s decision means ammunition for tomorrows.

Only the wise are strong enough to make mistakes before they are made.

Accept the possibility of defeat before the game starts..
Loss is a mind state…
A mine to the rival’s estate…

To bequest knowledge is to gain quadruple more..


Wet future (soul-o’man)

By the last jingle of the mourning bells                                                by the first rap on hell’s gate       
will i, a man                             
speak of my shame?                  
Will i not my troubles wish to fade?                                               As the stairs of heaven has no cascade,                                           so has the tears of my fears dried out with age.                            
shall our screams of mercy            
still in biers live?                       
Shall the obsolete fire of triumph still in its closet breathe?                                                                          
On the grave of our toil,                 
still do our sorows dine.            
The cold pot of anger,                    
he wishes not to boil.               
Only, nature’s stinging arrow of understanding,
has no business with the tyrant notwithstanding.
Stuck in the traffic of confusion,
princely adorned in fustration robes,
laced impeccably for dumpster shoes
On Ravens wings escapes the strife.
Frivolous symphonies from the forest’s pipe,
yet his practice forbids the body’s might.

Immaculate garbage on royal chairs
pens refuse to cringe,
satires best lain on strings
Dirges, life’s concert composes
surgeons’ spark seeks sinister syringes.
So porous is deceits pitch,
modesty would not volunteer to be the snitch.
No sport; more goals
more answers; no questions
nice teachers tend towards thundering temptations.
Forgetfulness heists away adolescent wisdom
miraculous stamps on prayers
endless emphasis embeded on suplications
while socculent slumbers seduces sore soles
enticed by the wiles of defeat;
to steal the honour in victory.

                                Written by;

Mistakes are teachers (Soul-o’man)


Mistakes are Teachers

A word does not become a sound until its utterance.
I know I’m only human but not human alone.
Even insects in their order,
do collide with one another.
Tell me, is being human a mistake God made?
if there was a vaccine
It couldn’t have been mine wish
for how would i have learnt what i couldn’t study?
experience they say but i say existence is not just a say
The teacher appears immune to the learner
Yet the most reckless avoid the latter on the terrain.
Yes go ahead judge!
Since you weren’t once a kid
At least Mohammad(SAW) was
Same goes with Christ-reign in peace(RIP).
My only excuse is me.

That anger was a fog
I had to understand or be stood under
Some confess to my imperfection
I almost regret cause it’s only too late
Never had the chance to neglect step lessons from my missteps.
somewhere, a heart was beaming with smiles
While the rod remained stern!
Everyone yet no one is a member of the system
Same choir, different verses, unrhymed rhythm.
Life comes without goodbye
And vanishes before saying hi.
One would assume that such knowledge could help its occurrence.

Yes i greatly believed before i later belonged
Years of witnessing kills swallowing pills to the lungs
There was a pit close by
And on the apex i tilted till ages went by
Friends turned enemies and enemies accomplices.
Accompanied to the past of some futures
In the caravan of human robots
No caution paint on the canvass
Not that i cared even for the roadblocks.
Romance with the devil,
Pity it never sucked a seed
A cry void of a plea!

Sometimes i’m expected to be prim
Most times i cant meet up with that need
And it hurts, almost as much as it stings when you know you’re trying.
At times i thirst of breaking walls with my screams!
If that could help, maybe i won’t mind.
You don’t have to be perfect but pious!
Not pompous but prosperous!
Either pervasive or passive!
But most of the roars are staged in my mind
Whose walls am i crumbling?
Someone said laugh at the massive face of your mistakes!
What do i gain from that?
Yet what do i stand to regret?
Doing so could be a conquest.
No one would relish emphasis embedded on mishaps.
In a flicker, you might have your mind feeling like a god again.
What a waste of pain, right?
Giant guts, no glory.

Voluntary vow (Soul-o’man)


Gone are the days, where a woman swallows these oaths without knowing who will stomach it
Gone are those days when she has to smash her feet towards that earthenware to define the prosperity of such bonding.
the days where the referee whose welding whistle whines into oblivion
the moment the whisper hushes loud enough.
Days when the sheets need to be sparkling to prove her innocence

Days had to pass prior to his knowledge of her complexion 
Neither was she aware of his designation.
Instead of a degree, kolanut and palmwine would do
Tastes and compatibility were aliens.
Sperms and incubators reflected Alpha and Omega
Days when all and sundry In attendance must be embellished in the famous aso ebi
When no tooth renders a token of thought towards the monastery

Days are now, same figures march down with similar toes
No strings just black ties with needled saliva
No ambiguity except with prenups and bugger offs
intentional mistakes
Wallowing from a willing well.

Does it remain voluntary when the vow transforms to a curse?
And someone said infants know not what they need
It becomes a business not politics of bliss
If only they could observe the logs but they smile too much

Yet yes we can
With fairy fists in the air waiting to carve a ring in it.

Someone loves somebody (Soul-o’man)


I don’t hate what the world is coming to
I hate the world
I hate when she comes in two’s
I am somebody.

We’s  voice sometimes sound like subtle symphonies
Echoes of empathy
We can kidnap our future right from the depth of our closet.
Junket to a bucket
Better shut your screams if they only make your ear bleed.
Vexed victim
Show us your balls

You despise when it comes to this
Where I need to spill my lungs out
to keep it tightened in
Say there is a slate to slit
And I sat with a frowned smile
Made your troubles my crowned style
Till then you got better
Half smile indeed
You are someone

I we’s you must be continued

Pulse (soul-o’man


Respect my wishes
I’m down for critics.
Speed of beasts
Bit by bit,
They all crumble to pits
And fall to pieces
What befell remains a puzzle.
Knit till veins began to nuzzle
Wet the sky with evaporated thoughts
It’s a celebrated wrong or write off.
Venture out via a vacuum
Lecture out all the values
Best of ways to be bitten
straight forward stress swerving the heart sideways.

TIGER (soul-o’man)


That’s what’s written on my neighbors’ generator

same here but mine is bigger.

Even when the moon is behind the sun,

all that poses a challenge is the taciturn uniformity of the noise

but before that is the priceless digit of the oil.


They say sense leaves a scent even when being guarded by none.

It’s still the same reaction when you hear “let us pray”

Have they ever felt better when you’re not sure it’s the vigilante or the vigil’s anthem?

can you hate these people and still live with their sweat?


Mine has to be bigger maybe not better

but recognition reads no rejection in Residents’ retreat

All there is, is further reason to sell stronger seasonings

Larger reasoning’s with lesser meanings


CNN can’t tell me what to do

If i desire a portion of another Man’s territory?

guess what; i get it

I am like the great Tiger of Russia

thus your opposition has been part of the plan

wait for the contingency.

This might not seem full to you

but how are you sure it was meant to be?


I can’t sleep in the heat

I can’t do without the TV sometimes

I can’t stand the dawning darkness

I can’t just savor my visitors’ perspiration

I can’t afford one, i might just steal it!

I can’t afford to care if it’s named TIGER or SUZUKI

I can’t go against what principle?

I can’t say i don’t know it sucks

i can’t say a change is not required

i can’t exactly say I’m expecting one.