Senate existence

Senate Existence

To believe God is tantamount to believing in yourself.
To trust Supreme’s decision means ammunition for tomorrows.

Only the wise are strong enough to make mistakes before they are made.

Accept the possibility of defeat before the game starts..
Loss is a mind state…
A mine to the rival’s estate…

To bequest knowledge is to gain quadruple more..


Parasite (Soul-o’man)



Enough of stealing a stroll absent of a toll
It’s high time to get out of my head
and that’s without a plea
My sanity needs rehabilitation
Still, i won’t mind owning it fully again
It’s very tempting to feel like this everlasting
To be the host of the party of laziness
where time is the maitre’d as well as the slave master
And reality is forlorn in a poisonous gloom
An end has to come to the matress’ feeling of a god
I banish sleep with buckles and belt on.
Enough of my world being without its lord
Enough of attempts to resurrect doubts long executed
It’s high time i got my shit together.

Ponderous Paradise (Soul-o’man)


Ponderous Paradise

You can’t believe i almost got down there
Power house, i call her
She is in your person
Just as she’s definitely not you.
Advantage was the word
Only it ended as an opposite of itself.
A myriad of emotions, shallow coercions
Which almost made my iris pregnant with ocean rain.
Confession from you of the irrelevance of sought after penance
The supposed confirmation happened to happen to be a affirmation of a alien subject.
The consequence was i using the words dreaded so much upstairs
Yeah, you gave a nod.
I was almost unsure of that
But sensitivity i say is More than a game of senses
You dread the word in mutuality
That made my mind mimic humor
But my heart didn’t.

For the skip of a beat,
I asked why, only to ask again; why what? Why not?
I uttered most truths
Straightened out the lies
Contented with 100 years of scoping you lie.
We defiled the night, didn’t we?
Yet the dawn’s crow was robbed if it’s invisibility
Merely by the verisimilitude of our thoughts and words
Someone said something about a connection.
You are aware of my call aren’t you?
Also as i endeavored to ignore it
Losing you was a nasty affair
Though my face was painted with the impression of the game played fair
Almost all was broken cause of the break
It sure didn’t feel like a recess
If only i hadn’t harkened to the horn

you still don’t know when i was born
But numbers will remain numbers
You do not carry on the way others are lagging off
You can’t ignore me,
but you cant figure why you can’t hate that
Extinction should be the “but’s” portion
But who said i wasn’t human.
Around you, for you, inside you
Those have been my recent destinations.
You really have no idea how the ink became my weapon.
It is not the least
It is not the only
That almost scares you and i didn’t gain that knowledge because your tongue mentioned it.
It erupted from my mind before i could think of it
Sometimes, i feel there’s no time for that
While I’m busy donating a life for that all the time
Spoken words sometimes heal broken ones
What happens when they aren’t doing that?
I concurred to your preference
which involves living it, not just leaving it a reference
I shouldn’t and couldn’t dwell on your compliments
Though they were the visible traits of our acquaintance
Now you don’t even need to be there before i know where you are
Scales, goose bumps sitting on my skin,
Symptoms of your presence.
Voices, racing heartbeats
Features of your absence
And of course I’m the stage
We thrive and practice life at a planet
We rehearse that as separate aliens
I know we cant live till everyday
But can either of us live without the other for a day
If we can’t, then we must stay green
Until one of us leaves for the exit
to join sandy fossils in the shadow world consisting of ghost faces.

The lion in my life got tamed by your flames
I guess that’s why we’re in the same bulb, sharing the light
You can tell that i can tell of the lies in what you tell
You performed a practical on that
and concluded that I’m all you need for a experiment
Seek after other inventions
Cause I’m hardly an alien of your intentions
I’m usually almost always right about all
But you keenly know that i know not all
You almost had a hard time explaining that to yourself
How i got to know? I wish i knew
I’m well willing to commence with you every second anew
Where is my commerce without your comments?
I know you might come with me without laments
Still don’t have a clue as to how you make that feasible
I spent an expensive night,
realized how made up you are with the absence of makeup
We are hurdling on a ladder that looks both ways: down and ups
We live not under resembling roofs
Yet we both are almost home
Humans read of our existence in the same chapter.

I have a feeling you don’t know who you are
Don’t be scared, you can always find out.
Was quite impressed to gain knowledge of your purported aspirations
That had to do with running things
Things that makes almost everyone and everything run for sheer fear of working.
I always convinced myself that my tracks wouldn’t and shouldn’t run towards that future of chilling, sitting and scoping in the shared luxury of a slitted crack.
I have little doubts that you’re aware of the socks I’d rather tango in.
I too am bedeviled as to why i can’t stop thinking of you
Why my hobbies and profession engrave half smile on my lips
While a few kilobytes memory of you kindles a bonfire all around mine nerves and face.

What does it matter if i don’t employ impeccable words?
Still with no vacancy,
I’m filled in the post of the right thought
Our futile conversations possess the tendency of quickening my dreamless nights.
When something’s probably not right,
I find solace by faith in your strength and might
Especially as you can’t transform by what i say or write
Days of resentment are over
The spell expired, owing to that unintentional night.

My village girl (Soul-o’man)

My village girl.


My little village girl;
To the world she came with looks of a puppy.
My adorable village girl;
To the cheeks of her kins she brought smiles.

My sharp village girl;
Toilessly acknowledging the presence of her beauty.
My punctual village girl;
Timelessly in tune with the trend of her time.

My industrious village girl;
Never relenting in painting herself pretty.
My God fearing village girl;
Not known to have created any crime intentionally.

My vigilant village girl;
Impossibly conversant with the quality& quantity of her enviers.
My sensitive village girl;
In no haste to reveal her vulnerability as to attraction.

My endowed village girl;
Her charming chest& back skillessly edited.
My strategic village girl;
judge of the ripe hour to visit the river.

My oppurtuned village girl;
Intoxicated on the fantasies of 4 wall colleges.
My ambitious village girl;
Welded in and without with wilder wishes.

My numerous village girl;
All in one with none for herself
My charitable village girl;
Songs of paradoxical praises in her honour

My mysterious village girl;
Black yesterday, yellow tomorrow
My paranoid village girl;
Keen on being the next social kamikaze

My enlightened village girl;
Can she ever see the light?
My spontaneous village girl;
Swift to summon her sick defenses.

My vague village girl
Life here is being versatile in vogue.
My indifferent village girl
Why bother ask about her beliefs?

My then village girl
Since she has long switched names with whom?
My village girl
Will she ever stop being a village girl?

Cray (soul-o’man)


Weakness is not my thing, it’s everyone’s
When i set foot on this pedestal
That voice requested confirmation
I offered it in 100 folds on a golden plate
Check my heartbeat,
I wish i knew what that meant.
It’s almost impossible for you to believe
A leaf on a bee is something i seldom see
But with quarantined retinas i observed the globe
And amongst all stars was one with the name of a religion.
I don’t know why i just said that
But that is supposed to be rhetorical
Who’s listening?.

When i say who cares,
I actually meant we do but from the back
Such that it ceases to exist.
At some point in this pace of a race
I almost hit the exit.
This mind would scare anyone who manages to gain a moment’s access.
I can’t refuse what i cant diffuse
Does that make you confused?
Again who’s answering?

Swearings, i observe a lot
Especially when i don’t want to
Staring at a fork with 4 claws and 3 spaces,
made the temple in my heart break into a run
Only it stumbled, got humbled by an Angel i think
Well that was the freshly dug well for all grumbles
Which occured before or after?

The bush on my head,
I heared gives some people laughter
Don’t wander about the some cause the sum of all sapiens is a total of vanity.
Believe me not cause i do or it’s what i want
Let it be a permanence of nature.
Who graced my emotions with a smile
and my fears with a tear?
The cake on my face, who smeared?
I know i sound crazy
But I’m used to it.

Hell in a Freezer (soul-o’man)

Hell in a freezer

Man can do what he wants
When he wants what he does.
Most shoes are strapped against the foot’s will.
Merriment and misery mostly managed as an oxymoron.
Such nostalgic epilogue.

Are there more ants than we have children?
If there are,
Is the child not supposed to be the boss?
If that’s true,
How plucky is the Ants’ virus to sanction the child’s paralysis.
For hours or days, weeks or months, years or forever?

There she stood transfixed,
Shivering in steaming perspiration.
Right at the centre of a frosty solar perplexity.
Oh life! She screamed,
Only to see no sound
Oh heavens! She glanced up,
Only to hear no sky.

There goes the train’s whistle
Here comes unicorns dreams
There lies the salvation
There escapes the revelation
Here stays the temptation.
All for the course of what nation?
This is our contemplation.

One notion spells out the birth of one nation.
Nation then procreates;
Breeding boastless billions of her ancestor.
So she stops staying single
After all,
someone said something about fruitfulness and multiplication.
On goes the calculation
Till the entire equation equals a deceitful division.

Hence the offsprings;
Spring less to stay on
Work less to drive more
Cash less to spend scores
Think less to act sore
Eat less to show off
Act less deeds to boast of.
Performing the rites and chores of a refrigerator,
In the chamber wise labyrinths of a maze like incubator.